Stanley Lake Outlet

Paddling up the outlet.

There is a fun story about this particular painting. For many years in July, I have participate in the Stanley, Idaho Art Show. I always need a place to stay that time of year. In the Stanley area the campgrounds are usually very full and hard to come by. 

Plenty of fun photos to work from...

My son and I happened to come upon a place on the North end of Stanley Lake at the outlet that flows down the creek. There were a few places in the back where you could camp. One year we found a spot near the creek that is by the outflowing of the lake. We had our kayaks with us and we wanted to see if we could kayak upstream into the lake itself. So we dropped them in the water and my son and I paddled up the current.  As we did, the view of the mountains rising up above the lake was magnificent!

I had my phone with me so I grabbed a few shots of the view. We also discovered that there was a little spot down where the creek widens loaded with a lot of little trout which we easily caught on fly rods that evening. Later on I was looking over the photos and realized, “You know, this is so magnificent. I think I could make this into a painting.” So my son and I decided we would paint this one together.  We both took turns using the palette and the easel. He is left-handed and I am right-handed. We painted the painting together. You’ll notice the signatures as an A and J Sewell. That stands for Andy and Josh Sewell.

This is one of the few paintings that we painted together. We had a lot of fun doing it and now we have it to celebrate as great memory too!

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