O-fish-ially inspired

As you may have guessed, I like to fish.

I have enjoyed fishing since I was about 6 years old, and I still love it today. There is a little reservoir near my home In Idaho. I love to go out there various times throughout the year and see the wildlife and catch a few fish. So I went out recently with a few buddies and had a great time. We played first, most, and biggest. Each one is worth a point. The loser buys lunch. Well I was stoked to land the first. Since there were only 3 points available, and there was 4 of us fishing, I was not buying lunch. As the lovely day moved along. I caught no more fish. My buddy caught the most and his coworker guy caught the biggest. So the kid from New York had to buy lunch... but since we fished way past lunch (the competition was fierce) no free lunches were had. But fish were caught, and I was the only one interested in cleaning and eating them. I got to take home a fine freezer shelf full of fish waiting to be made into some trout chowder.... yum. I also now have been o-fish-ially inspired to paint a lovely little watercolor of the trout on ice! I will let you know when I get it painted.... Cheers.

  • A competitive day

    The competition was fierce. Four guys with only 3 points available.

  • We had to dig or should I say hack through with our Axe several Ice holes. It paid off.

  • A good time was had.

    In the end, we had a fine time, caught a few fish, and I still get a lunch one of these days.

Rainbow on Ice

Here is a photo of the one fish I caught. I liked the colors. Lucky for me, I got to keep about 16 trout, because nobody wanted to take them home and clean them. They were Tasty. I made trout chowder YUM. Recipe coming soon... ask for it! I also may do a fun little watercolor of my trout on ice. Look for the art and the watercolor tutorial!

See some favorite trout art here.