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Deschutes Brewery "Jubelale" Beer Label

A few years back I was in Bend Oregon at an art show. At that time I had a series of vintage look travel prints that I had made from my watercolor paintings. One of the representatives of Deschutes brewery saw my work and we discussed the idea of me coming up with a label for their annual holiday beer "Jubalale" with kind of the old vintage ski look. They went ahead and commissioned me to do the work. They bought the original and put it in their brewery in Bend, Oregon and I was on the label of the beer. One funny little detail of this painting was that I actually painted myself into the painting. I am the guy holding the skis. It was a really fun project and I would love to get more work like this! If you need a label for a product contact me. Since then I have done a few other labels for wine as well.